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31 Travel Journal Prompts + Creative Travel Journal Ideas

For more details on how to write a great travel journal, read the nine tips in the next section and the meaning of the W.R.I.T.E. acronym in the last section. Take a picture, add it and others to your day’s entry, a map will be added showing the location of the photos, enter a title and text and you’re done. You can always go back and add more photos and text at a later time.

Grab it, and then feel free to message me on Instagram (@jessieonajourney) to let me know which travel journal writing prompts were your favorite and why. Poketo’s Concept Planner journal is as goal-oriented as you are. Exquisitely organized, the 252 pages are divided into yearly, monthly, and weekly sections. Each part has pages where you can list your objectives, layouts that help you plan your time, and extra pages for taking notes.

If you’re looking for a notebook that doesn’t scream “travel journal,” check out Leuchtturm1917’s 23-color rainbow of hardcover notebooks. The hard cover will protect it and its contents when thrown in a backpack, but the notebook’s flexible spine still allows it to open completely flat. If you’re of the more creative jet set, pick this journal up.

You may have heard of the 6-minute diary already, and yes, you’re right—it’s not intended explicitly for travel. The concept is that you write for six minutes every day to stay happy and productive, which IMO, also happen to be key elements of a successful trip. There are literally thousands of travel journals on the market at this point, so luckily you can definitely find one that is tailored to exactly what you need.

Just make sure to opt for a journal that’s small enough to easily carry and has acid-free paper to ensure that your writing and sketches will hold up for years. Your travel journals don’t necessarily even have to be about exotic locations or grand adventures to provide you with fond memories, significant insights and deep meanings. You can have an exceptional adventureexploring the world nearby.All you need is a destination. Ever gotten a thrill from writing with a beautiful pen?

Wouldn’t you love to look back on your childhood travels as a grown-up? Give that gift to the kiddos in your life with this travel diary for kids by Mudpuppy. The ultimate in travel journaling, this stylish notebook is a chic buy for you, or as a gift!

Moleskine gives users the option to integrate to their online platform, but this really doesn’t add much to the journal. However, the quality of the journal and the paper is great. Determine how you want to record your travels and then find the journal or app that fits your needs. The illustrated book has spaces to jot down the countries you’d like to visit, food to try, memorable people you met on travels, and more. Ideal for a wanderlust writer and doodler, Rifle Paper Co. has created a five-by-seven inch notebook that contains 208 pages. Each spread features a combination of lined and unlined pages that allow you to record in words and with pictures.

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