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Absolutely, absolutely and that’s why I voice my frustration and I voice my concern because I realized that I was cropping my content to fit in this very specific mold. At the end of the day, sometimes I’m traveling and I don’t feel like putting on makeup. Yeah, I think just in general as human beings, we like that which is beautiful, that which is attractive. In my everyday life, I wear floppy hats and flouncy dresses. But I just wish that there was also a place for women who could not fit that aesthetic, especially given that men do not have to adhere to it. I think that men are really appreciated as serious photographers.

These travel aficionados know how to make good eye candy, are passionate about their travels and know how to travel in style. If you’re thinking of hopping on a flight to Bali, going on an African safari or are looking to explore the South of France, we suggest you do so vicariously through these jetsetters first. These adventurous influencers are go-to’s for recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and how to live like a local. And along the way, be sure to glean their tips and tricks to snagging the perfect shots on your next adventure. Be prepared to get major travel envy, these feeds are no joke. Find images and videos about aesthetic, travel and city on We Heart It – the app to get lost in what you love.

I really am part of the problem because this is the machine, this is what’s popular, and as I make my living from Instagram, at least partially, I’d be a fool not to follow trends. At the same time, I wish that a picture of a beautiful landscape from me would get as much attention as a picture of me in a floppy hat and a beautiful dress. I haven’t necessarily always been a traveler, but it’s been in my blood. From a very young age, I was attuned to traveling because of these two things. Toronto is a very, very multi-cultural city, one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world.

I have to admit my nerves was getting the better of me by the next morning as I prepared to go into the theatre. Yasmin came by to set my mind at ease and to answer any questions I had. After my surgery, waking up in my room, the first person I saw was Yasmin. Between Yasmin and Ömür, Aesthetic Travel was there for me every step of the way.

Once again, let me clarify, I’m talking about people, men in the travel media, travel blogging space. It’s an aesthetic which I outlined very explicitly in my initial posts. And that, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily the problem to me. I think that Instagram is a visual medium and, at the end of the day, what we’re all creating on the platform is art.

I taught and traveled, lots of travel, for a long time. I moved to the US about a year and a half ago, and at that point, I was getting opportunities to make money from my writing and producing video, and all these other things that I said, “You know, let me just see if I can make this work,” so here I am. While the rights to deploy them were bought and sold in the Cross River, in Igala they were appropriated by the palace from its subjects and reinvented as a royal genre.

Their identities are diluted over time and hence why most of the travel blogs you see nowadays feel similar to one another. @lucylaucht’s feed looks like a gallery of images you’d want to purchase and hang on your wall. Her trips around the world and the stunning shots she takes of them will add countless cities on to your bucket list; expect stunning beaches, cityscapes and a fashion moment here and there.

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