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900+ Travel Aesthetic Ideas In 2021

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Tourism research has been largely unconcerned with the aesthetic dimension, although few attempts have recently begun to surface. In this chapter, the authors highlight a multifaceted process of incorporating aesthetics in tourist experience design, based on a three-level framework for theming. The first level is based on aesthetic features of destinations as atmospherics.

She left her corporate job to live life on the road, and is sharing her favorite finds to her loyal audience. Instead of having a travel blog design competing for the attention, the design of her travel blog stayed aside with a minimal black & white design allowing her unique style of photography to stand out front and center. Their travel blog design is also one of the cleanest you will find out there. Since they are photographers, their travel blog design reflects the importance of storytelling through visual with clean typography and massive photos to tickle your wanderlust. Marta, the writer behind Roko Cangrejo is also an excellent photographer who are able to capture the little intimate moments we often experience while traveling.

In the category of space, fictional and narrative aspects find imaginary projections and territorial explorations from which knowledge emerges, individuating itself by an investigative perspective and observation. A new personality—a new Self and new Selves—appears from unknown space and time. The essential and precise subject matter for this issue is to deal with the representation of traveling and the imaginary, even if trips are objective and documented.

The most popular oral tradition, however, insists that the eight royal masks were left behind on the battlefield by a fleeing Jukun army many centuries ago. In either case, the royal masks, through their change in ownership, have come to symbolize the authority of the palace. Whether the Jukun army with its masquerades actually traveled down the Benue at some point, or this is an ingenious mythical genealogy, is a fascinating art-historical puzzle which others besides myself have tried to solve (e.g., Adepegba n.d., Miachi 2012). A good friend was aware that I was looking into bariatric surgery. She had suggested that I look at possibilities in Turkey.

Basically, teaching overseas enabled me to see the world and also make some money. In between traversing the globe and adding yet another language to her impressive polyglot rep, Raymond spoke with us about her travel career and the difficult issues surrounding female representation in travel. For example, she recently examined the aesthetic forwarded by Instagram and questioned the ways in which the promotion of a narrow image proves exclusionary long-term, and she broke that down for us in a really accessible way. There’s surely more instances of representation but I can’t currently think of any that sit between these two poles. This leaves us between the forced minimalism of aesthetic representation beyond the catastrophic triumph of the military-industrial complex, and the cluttered junk-machines of the accidental inventor. The wider implications of this I’m not so sure about.

One of our favorite photographers, Jamie Beck, has been capturing stunning fashion images paired with her adventures around the world for years–but her recent move to Provence has her landing a spot on this list. We’ve been turning to Jamie for all things French as of late; her riffs on classic art, her weekly trips to the market chronicled on her stories, and her obsession with living in a French chateau consistently has us coming back for more. The ultimate collection of travel images from other travel pages, @wearetravelgirls’ founders @beckyvandijk and @vanessarivers aim to curate the most cohesive feed of vibrant and informative content. Their travel tips, which they frequently include in their captions. It’s a lot to unpack because I’m part of the game, at the end of the day.

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